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FirstEnergy 08-18 01:15 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Earlier this week, Standard & Poor's revised its outlook for FirstEnergy Corp. (FE) and its regulated subsidiaries from "negative" to "stable". We take the...
Gap Inc. 08-18 00:25 GMT
Gap was heavily congratulated by the Wall Street analysts on its second quarter earnings call this...
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. 08-17 18:24 GMT
Continuing the pattern of later reporters posting better results, this morning...
Southern California Edison 08-17 13:51 GMT
Edison International, holding company for Southern California Edison, is in...
Commonwealth Edison 08-17 13:30 GMT
Yesterday, Commonwealth Edison priced $1.0 billion of First Mortgage Bonds in two...
Amazon.com 08-17 02:17 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Amazon is a different kind of company for the investment grade bond market, which reportedly greeted its new $16 billion bond issue enthusiastically. We are of...
Hertz 08-17 01:57 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
Hertz Global Holdings' (HTZ) second quarter adjusted EBITDA was less than the consensus forecast, but not as bad as feared. Results continued to be hurt by lower U.S...
Fosun International Limited 08-17 01:48 GMT  
(Report with Analyst's Data Sheet) 
When two of China's top regulators began reviewing foreign M&A deals recently made by companies like Fosun International Ltd. (FOSUNI)...
J.C. Penney 08-16 18:44 GMT
J.C. Penney's (JCP) fiscal 2017 second quarter adjusted EBITDA fell short of the consensus...
Target Corporation 08-16 17:20 GMT
It seems like the later a retailer reports its second quarter results, the better those...
SCANA 08-16 14:57 GMT
Late yesterday, SCANA announced that its South Carolina Electric & Gas subsidiary has withdrawn its...
Gimme Credit Investment Grade has initiated coverage of Amazon.Com .

Mexichem 08-14 
Coltel 08-07 
Teva 08-03 
CODELCO 08-02 
Anthem 07-27 
Kinder Morgan 07-25 
Andeavor 07-21 
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Aug 14, 2017 | Reuters
CL on Philip Morris - Q- "We like the strong debt-protection measures, geographic and product diversity, and ahead-of-the-pack position with reduced-risk products,"
Aug 7, 2017 | Bloomberg
CL on Teva- Q "I still believe management's top priority is to do something about the elevated leverage.
Aug 1, 2017 | Reuters
CL on International Paper- Q-"It's always a prudent move to address dramatically underfunded pension plans, but probably even more so now in light of uncertainty about corporate tax rates and the likelihood of higher interest rates down the road"
Jul 27, 2017 | Valor International
AD on Fibria tries to sideline Arauco in Eldorado Brasil deal Q - "Fibria's leverage ratio is slightly above its financial rules, which cap debt at 3.5 during investment periods."
Jul 26, 2017 | Bloomberg
DN on Where will AT&T's spending priorities leave bondholders? Q - "My sense is that they're willing to live with much higher leverage than they had before."
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