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Decades of Clarity

We have given institutional corporate bond investors a strategic edge for over a generation.

Independence, expertise, and deep analysis allow us to craft fresh insights on investment grade, high yield and emerging market credit.

Supporting clients through a wide range of market cycles has confirmed our belief that credit research must be based on a thorough understanding of the issuer. At any one time, we understand their financial profile, structure, and how events are likely to affect them.

Interested in how we produce our investment research and power corporate credit investing?

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Decades of Clarity

From Data to Decision

Making the Complex Clear

Making the Complex Clear

Our reports and comments are concise and to the point - no industry jargon. Supporting data sheets provide background to our recommendations, ensuring transparency.
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Proactive Investment Research

Proactive Investment Research

Conscious of the time critical nature of investment, we are constantly monitoring the corporate bonds we cover, reacting to changing situations in a timely manner.
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Unhedged Recommendations

Unhedged Recommendations

As a truly independent corporate bond investment research company, we have no conflicts of interest or inventory, no outside influences and all clients are treated equally.
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Arthur Rosenzweig, CEO, Gimme Credit

“Our mission is to become the leading technology-enabled credit research and data provider, in service to our clients and their customers.”

Alex Dray, Director Of Emerging Markets Research, Gimme Credit

“Our goal is to provide a rigorous credit analysis to guide clients toward sound investment decisions.”

Carol Levenson, Chief Research Officer, Gimme Credit

“Gimme Credit remains unique in providing both an independent view of the direction of a company’s credit profile and a clear unambiguous analysis of the relative value of its bonds.”

Kim Noland, Director Of US High Yield Research, Gimme Credit

“Gimme Credit senior analysts have lengthy career experience in fixed income, including industry risk assessment.”

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