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Gimme Credit is an independent corporate bond research team advising investors since 1994. We have no portfolio holdings, sales inventory, or any relationship with the companies we cover. We are not a credit rating agency and have no ties to the issuers. Our only vested interest is in making good buy and sell recommendations.

Our Leading Team of Analysts

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Gimme Credit Analysts have decades of experience through many market and credit cycles, with deep expertise in the companies they cover. As independent analysts they have the freedom to focus on the analysis and look with some skepticism on the pronouncements of management and the static views of the rating agencies. They are passionate and dedicated to doing the best research possible.

Why We’re Independent


Since its inception in 1994, the company has maintained a strict code of independence. Unlike other providers of corporate bond research – such as brokers, investment banks, investment advisors and credit rating agencies — Gimme Credit has no conflicts of interest that may mitigate the integrity of our investment recommendations. We have no inventory of bonds. We do no underwriting. We have no bond portfolio. We do not get paid by the corporations for analyzing and recommending the bonds they issue.

Our analysts have worked at asset managers, banks and broker-dealers and are familiar with the pressures that can be brought to bear on independent thinking by a self-interested firm or a persuasive corporate client.

And all of our clients are equal: We do not provide customized advisory services. Every recommendation is published generally to all of our clients.

Carol Levenson

Senior Analyst and Director of Research

How We Add Value to Your Investing



Senior Analyst and Director of High Yield Research

We start with an analysis of the company’s business, financial, and event risk and place it in a directional context with our forecasts and credit scores, a comparable context versus peers, and a relative value context regarding how its securities are trading in the market. In High Yield analysis, we go into bonds at an even more granular level, taking into account the capital structure and covenants. We seldom refer to the rating agencies unless we know a company is targeting a certain rating or is at a critical cusp between investment grade and junk. We pay close attention to corporate bond market conditions and trends.

Our Reports and Comments are known for being concise and leading to an unhedged buy or sell recommendation, never a “hold” or “market perform.” Our Data Sheets provide unique credit metrics and forecasts. And we are available to clients by email and telephone.

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Dave Novosel

Senior Analyst, Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Our Coverage

What we decide to write about each day arises from our analysis of what could move the market for a company’s securities. We do not publish any “maintenance” reports if there is no fresh insight to offer. But we will always publish something if our opinion changes. Our coverage universe is flexible. In this way, we can pivot to add or delete coverage as a company becomes more or less active in the bond market or at a client’s request. Our Analyst Data Sheets enhance the text report with carefully chosen credit metrics specific to each sector as well as forecasts emphasizing the balance sheet, cash flow, liquidity, and financial flexibility. At any time you can be sure we will be covering the major issuers of interest in the Investment Grade, High Yield, and Emerging Markets sectors.

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Kathy Shanley

Kathy Shanley

Senior Analyst, Finance

Our Clients

Our clients include institutional buy-side and sell-side firms, pension funds, corporations and a rapidly growing number of independent advisors and brokers. Their investment objectives may vary from buy-and-hold to total return, from preservation of capital to volatility trading, but they all want straight-talking in-depth credit analysis in a concise format with an unhedged investment recommendation.

Bond investors know the markets can change quickly, a lot more quickly than the rating agencies can act. The bonds of banks and finance companies, which I cover, are quickly affected by regulatory changes, service mishaps, new technologies, economic news, global capital flows and, not least, by bond-trading activity itself. Like my analyst colleagues, I have spent decades responding to the high expectations of our clients.

Our Services

George Defendini

George Defendini

Director of Sales

We provide a suite of subscription services tailored to your investments and workflow, from daily research reports and recommendations to intraday comments to periodic industry reports to a convenient search-and-select archive.

Our research is easily accessible in emails and on our website and is also streamed to clients’ single sign-on and third-party commercial platforms. We do not play favorites: all of our subscribers get our research at the same time, and we do not provide customized research or advisories.

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