Independent Bond Research Since 1994.

Arthur Rosenzweig

CEO of Gimme Credit

Arthur Rosenzweig co-founded Gimme Credit in 1994, breaking into a market dominated by a small number of large established companies. Launched on a strict code of independence, the company has remained true to its core values, which continue to resonate with those seeking unhedged corporate bond research.

As the CEO and founder of Mediant Communications, a leading provider of investor communication technology and services to the financial services industry, Arthur demonstrated his strategic prowess by negotiating a successful takeover by BetaNXT in 2023. His extensive experience in financial markets, financial services, and fundraising has been a cornerstone of Gimme Credit’s ongoing success.

Arthur Rosenzweig moved full-time with Gimme Credit in 2023, and as CEO, he is responsible for the ongoing expansion of services and enhanced global coverage. Widely recognized as one of the leading lights in the world of corporate bond research, the company is focused on investment grade, high yield and emerging bond markets.

Career Highlights

Title: Gimme Credit CEO (from 2023)
Founded Mediant Communications: 2002 (sold in 2023)
Areas of Expertise: Financial Services, Investor Communications, Corporate Bond Research and Technology
Arthur’s experience in financial services and entrepreneurial background have been crucial to the ongoing success of Gimme Credit.

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